Communicating as a Leader

What is Body Language?

Prof.M.S.Rao asked: “The body never lies and the body never keeps quiet”, Ancient Chinese proverb. Observe the three role playing activities stated below: One: Peter says, “Paul, Take this DVD cassette. It is very interesting. Play it and enjoy yourself”. (Not looked at the DVD and also at the Paul while handing over). Two: Peter […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour in the University System: the Registry Experience

ebi asked: INTRODUCTION In every organization, there are three major resources to be managed if the organization wants to achieve its objectives and goals. These resources are Humans, materials and financial resources. And out of these three, human resource management is the most important and difficult to manage. The reason being that every human being […]


How to Accomplish your Goals?

Prof.M.S.Rao asked: “ THE WORLD MAKES WAY FOR THE MAN WHO KNOWS WHERE HE IS GOING” – RALPH WALDO EMERSON. WHAT IS GOAL SETTING? Every human being has an inherent, innate urge to grow and get recognition. It is natural trait amongst all the human beings to do something unique and extraordinary in order to […]

Traits of a Leader

DECISIVENESS: – Single-Minded Commitment to Greatness – The Keys to Martial Arts Life Mastery #5

Jeffrey Miller asked: I remember talking to one of my teachers once about the traits of a master leader. And though we discussed many topics, traits and themes – attitudinal qualities like “caring,” “trust,” “being a role model;” and skills like “management,” “study,” etc. – ‘the’ trait that lay at the center, or formed the […]

Conflict Resolution

Alternatives to Conflict

Mike Scantlebury asked: n’t any. Okay, whoah, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear. If you’re reading this article, then you’re looking for someone to tell you that all you have to do is (i), (ii) and (iii) and you’ll never have a problem again. Sorry, I don’t believe that. I think conflict […]

Leadership Styles

Excerpt From The Art Of Managing: Environment

Jane Treber Macken asked: Our environment and relationships in our life affect who we are today. Up until we begin school, our families have the biggest influence on our lives. Our basic personalities are formed by the age of three, and we develop into little human beings by the age of six. Once we begin […]

Transformational Leadership

Can Transformational Leadership Play A Part In Solving The Human Crisis?

Richard Cox asked: You may have noticed the world is having some challenges with us humans at the moment. She is getting a bit hot under the collar, and probably wouldn’t think too much about wiping us off her face, like she did with the dinosaurs. Considering that the dinosaurs lived for hundreds of thousands […]