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Creative Marketing to Ensure Success as an Affiliate

Antony Babington asked:

If you have an Internet business you may be wondering how you can you’re your visitors to stay on your website. It’s really frustrating isn’t it, they land, stay for fifteen seconds and are off again before they have time to click on your link and spend any money. In order to make money and succeed in any work from home business whether affiliate marketing or selling a chosen branding, you need them to stay or at least come back.

Most websites are a brochure and a way of outlining services for your business and some will use advertising like Adsense in order to earn extra money, that’s ok, but you need creative marketing strategies so that you don’t lose your clients and keep them hooked until the time is right for them to buy.

When Marketing and using online advertising for your affiliate programs you should not expect the same response that you would when advertising your home based business in a print magazine or a newspaper press release as it takes longer to product results. This means you have to be patient. However in the same way as with regular marketing, you have to have the next campaign ready for when this one is finished, otherwise you will lose prospects along the way, and lose your sales and commission with them.

If you are an affiliate or have a website to promote then here are some strategies that can be implemented to help you boost your product or affiliate program so that you will make money:

Make sure your web design doesn’t put people off, by using a standard font and font size. Your visitors won’t stay if they can’t read the content and keep the graphics simple on the eyes. You might like a particular piece of music but playing it on your website may chase people away.

Freebies – give something away, for example giving away an e-book works in several ways, as it can be used to gain opt- in subscribers, a tool to gain affiliate sales and to show others you are an authority within you own subject.

Create an online newsletter so that readers can receive detailed information and it is an excellent way to build up a following.

Get involved in discussion groups and chat rooms related to the subject, which allows you the opportunity to mention your website and the affiliate program you are promoting plus its benefits. The same goes for forums and you can even create a forum on your website.

Create online questionnaires and presenting a special offer, as an incentive to respondents is an effective of making money by increasing sales.

These are all marketing strategies that will either send visitors to your website or engage in some way or another, which makes them keen to return. Its rather like window shopping, people browse and go back, as long as something holds their interest.

You will also find that writing useful tips and having a section of tips from other experts in your field, interesting articles and creating local resources for others will encourage people to return to your websites and want to learn more about your affiliate program.

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