Feedback and Rewards

101 Powerful Ways To Inspire, Motivate And Energize Your Team

Kurt Mortensen asked: Anytime you’re in a leadership position, you are faced with the question of how best to motivate those who work under you. There are countless philosophies and ideas out there, all claiming to be exactly what you need. The Foundation of Teambuilding The truth is, there is no one perfect answer. Moreover, […]

Communicating as a Leader

Managing Effective Meetings: A Powerful Tool for Leaders, Part I

Ed Oakley asked: Anyone can hold a meeting. Forming a work group and conducting a productive meeting, however, is a greater challenge. This article has tips for meetings that get results. Determine the outcome or objective of the meeting Having a clear purpose goes a long way to ensuring a successful outcome. Ask yourself and/or […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Creative Visualization And The Law Of Attraction

Ong Yu Shan asked: You may have heard of creative visualization from interviews with athletes who have used this powerful technique to win more gold medals and titles than perhaps any other single training method. By actually sensing, feeling and being in a perfect race or competition within their own heads, professional and amateur athletes […]