Communicating as a Leader

Body Language in Communication – How to Become a Great Communicator Using Body Language

Michael Lee asked: If you are delivering a speech to a crowd, it is very important that you make use of body language in communication to drive your point home. In truth, this extra gesture can generate a lot of emotions, as well as ideas on how you want your audience to understand your meaning. […]

Traits of a Leader

Leadership: The Step To Success

William Drapcho asked: Have you ever heard of a business where there is no leader, or in a more technical term, a boss? Perhaps it is quite inconceivable, since it is highly significant in every field that someone directs them toward their goal. For instance, if you want to employ a change in system within […]


Why Good Customer Service Is Essential For The Success Of Your Online Business

Serge Dandelin asked: No matter what kind of business you are in, there is one thing that is essential for your business to do good, and that is good customer service. However, did you know that if you are running an online business your customer service has to be on its guard all the time, […]