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Body Language in Communication – How to Become a Great Communicator Using Body Language

Michael Lee asked:

If you are delivering a speech to a crowd, it is very important that you make use of body language in communication to drive your point home.

In truth, this extra gesture can generate a lot of emotions, as well as ideas on how you want your audience to understand your meaning.

Body language in communication depends mostly on the topic you wish to convey to each individual. In fact, it can vary depending on the emotions involved when you relay it to them.

For example, a priest is mostly seen waving his hands in the air as he relays the message of God, or a communicator pointing and waving to the crowd every time they say something that concerns the audience.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with your audience is one of the most important body language in communication. By doing this, you can determine the emotions and state of mind of a person while you are delivering your speech. You can practically tell if they are bored or tired, so you can change topic to wake them up.

Eye contact can relay your truthfulness in regards to your topic. If you maintain eye contact while explaining something to your parents or friends, then it simply means that you are telling them a lot of things in a non-verbal way.

Hand Gestures

Doing hand gestures is another useful body language in communication. It can accentuate your message to an individual into something that they can picture in their minds.

Sometimes, people get bored listening when the speaker is just rambling on and on. Gestures can practically remove the boredom from your audience, replacing it with stark interest with every word you make. Also, the emotions you want your crowd to feel as you deliver your speech is one of the essential uses of hand gestures.


How would you react if you see a speaker fidget and tremble while they are delivering their speech to the public?

It would be safe to say that you will be practically unconvinced about their message. You might be thinking that they are not sure of what they are conveying to the crowd or they’re hiding something due to their nervousness.

An effective conversationalist or speaker utilizes body language in communication. In fact, you can practically tell if the person is a professional, expert, or plain fraud in how they communicate with an individual or an audience — in gestures, posture, poise, or even through the emotions they relay as they give their message to the crowd.

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