Traits of a Leader

Leadership: The Step To Success

William Drapcho asked:

Have you ever heard of a business where there is no leader, or in a more technical term, a boss? Perhaps it is quite inconceivable, since it is highly significant in every field that someone directs them toward their goal. For instance, if you want to employ a change in system within your business, a leader would have to stand out for you to get through the hard times. Leading an entire business does come easy, especially if the employees do not have faith with the person who is leading them toward their goal. Being a leader requires a strong personality with skills to persuade. Without these two traits not much will be accomplished, as others will not follow someone who is not dynamic and fails to get others to move forward with them.

The Part Played By Leadership:

If you are a part of an organization now, you may have noticed how important it is that the subjects have faith on the capacities of the leaders since they are supposed to be the living models that the subjects must look up to. Actually, in every area where people are involved, there’s a great need that someone be responsible enough to lead everyone. Because if not, every organization would be distinguished as weak for they won’t be able to achieve any goal that they have set. Even in the family setting, a father or mother is always in the leadership role. Failing to be a leader in a family creates children that are unruly, and challenging. Do you know any families like this? Maybe your neighbors? Maybe your own family?

Putting it under the setting of employing sudden change within a business, the subjects or the employees would anticipate for improved, sensible, effective decisions and regular if not constant communication from the leader. During these moments the employees expect more from the leaders such as confidence, support and commitment. These qualities give hope to the followers, and in return bring about loyalty. When all things have been said, it all boils down to the trust of the employees in the leader. Which, in the future might bring them better working relationships and would possible strengthen their confidence with each other.

Consequences Of Poor Leadership:

Failing to lead in a decisive and effective manner can result in chaos and mayhem. With no clear vision from leadership, the subjects are unfocused and not willing to complete tasks for the good of the organization. Projects don’t get finished, goals are not met, unrest and chaos is the order of the day without a clear leader. Feeble leadership would only result to the deficiency of hope which might probably go on for too long and in turn would lead to the organizations inevitable decline. Consider how poor leadership can even create chaos and disorganization in your home business. Without focus, your goals are not met and you lose confidence on whether you can continue.

Leadership then, is very significant in every organization because with its absence the whole team under the organization won’t be able to function accordingly. The members of such an organization would not be able to operate with a harmonious relationship regarding one another. Harmony, understanding, goal setting and focus are qualities and emotions that good leadership will bring to an organization to create cohesiveness. Without it, chaos wins. Don’t let yourself fall into a trap of being indecisive and ineffective with your business or life. Project confidence in your decision making and show leadership qualities, so others will follow you to the ends of the earth.

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