Transformational Leadership

Leadership Tip #1 – Know Your Why

Susan Bagyura asked: As a leadership coach, I am a firm believer that a person has to be able to lead themselves before they can successfully lead another individual, a team or an organization. Where is the best place to start? The first thing a great leader should do is to determine what their purpose […]

Micro Management

Forget your Troubles and Get Happy

Beth & Lee McCain asked: Could it be that easy with the Law of Attraction? When you forget your troubles and just get happy the Universe is going to bring exactly what you are focusing on and that would be happiness, right? So how do you forget your troubles when life seems to be riddled […]


Turning a Layoff Into Success

James O. Armstrong asked: Baby boomers are probably disadvantaged by being older.  While our society, in both the U.S. and Canada, is largely beyond the point of discrimination by race, gender, nationality or religious preference, for example, I do believe there is an age-based discrimination that has continued among some companies.  I deplore this situation […]