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Forget your Troubles and Get Happy

Beth & Lee McCain asked:

Could it be that easy with the Law of Attraction? When you forget your troubles and just get happy the Universe is going to bring exactly what you are focusing on and that would be happiness, right?

So how do you forget your troubles when life seems to be riddled with them? By focusing on what is good in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as whatever you think about emits a grateful or happy feeling. Find something everyday to feel good about, even if it is something small, will create feelings that will add up to a huge emission of happiness.

When you have a challenging situation, take a step back and just observe it from a third person standpoint. Don’t buy into the frustration or anger as those feelings serve nothing except to generate more frustration and anger. And that can only upset you and raise your blood pressure. Ask yourself what the anger or frustration will accomplish as both will only attract more of the same. Let go of all the negative feelings and just concentrate on the solution, not the problem.

Find a solution that you feel you will be happy with, and even if you are unable to implement it immediately, just revel in the feeling that the problem is solved. The Universe will pick up your hints and start working on the solution. Focusing on the solution in any situation will bring you a solve of some sort through the Universe. The more exact you get with the image of your focus, the more the Universe has to work with and will bring you a solution just as you see it…or better.

The Universe is notorious for bringing something better so don’t pigeon hole the Universe by micro managing your result. And don’t fret if your problem seems to get worse, sometimes this is how the Universe will bring you an answer.

We had a student who was looking for a better life. She had an abusive husband and a “nowhere job,” as she put it. She had been focusing on a better life for herself and her children and one day her husband just up and left her. She called us very calm and said that she knew the Universe was going to give her something better. The next day, her boss laid her off. She called us once again and still, as calm as calm could be, said she knew the Universe was going to give her something better. She rode out the storm by just observing what was happening and keeping her focus on the solution.

Within two weeks she had been asked if she would help design a business graphics package. She had no experience but the owner saw the designs she was capable of and hired her. Her life was much easier without her abusive husband and within 18 months had the life she wanted. This happened because in spite of her life storm, she remained open and vigilant. She knew the Universe would take care of her and give her exactly what she focused on…or better. She got “the better.”

So forget your troubles and get happy. Focus on what it is that you want in your life and forget the rest. The Law of Attraction will always bring you what you focus on. Make it good!

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