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Five Tips for Team Building in Washington DC

Art Gib asked:

If you work in Washington DC or if you are leading a corporate team building retreat and you want to find somewhere fun to go where there are lots of team building opportunities, you should follow these tips to find fun team building exercises in DC.

Having a great sense of teamwork is so important for businesses. After all most people spend more time with their co-workers during the week than they do with their families. So having a strong sense of teamwork is essential, and there are lots of great ways to practice teambuilding in DC. No matter what activity you ultimately decide on to help you build your team’s confidence and trust, follow these tips to make them as strong as possible:

1. Set clear expectations — People perform the best in jobs where their job description and what is expected of them is crystal clear from the start. Outline the expectations that you have for each person and let them tell you their expectations for their jobs and their employers. Getting those expectations out on the table so that everyone knows what the other person expects is a great way to start team building in DC or anywhere else.

2. Stress communication — Team members need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with one another. Any team building exercises that help teach people how to communicate more clearly and more effectively are a great way to work on teambuilding in DC.

3. Get creative — The best way to solve problems is to get creative. Team building exercises and retreats should help people develop creative problem-solving skills that can be used to help solve common problems so that the team won’t get frustrated and bogged down in small problems. When the group solves a problem as a team it can really give them a sense of community and teamwork.

4. Be a dependable leader — Every team needs a leader. A team leader should be the person that sets an example by communicating well, inspiring confidence, being someone that team members can come to with problems or for support, and a team leader should also find new and innovative ways to work on teambuilding at the home office so that employees are constantly finding new ways to improve their performance.

5. Set a clear mission — In order for a team to function effectively the entire team needs to know what their goals are. In sports the goal is to win the game and play well. In business the goals for the team need to be just as clear so that everyone on the team will know what they are working for.

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