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Career Management Tips: Climbing the Ladder to Reach the Top

Christina Archer asked:

It’s no surprise to learn the CEO’s, CFO’s and the highest level executives in any company, did not reach this level by mere chance. The strategic planning, coupled with sheer ambition, as well as purposeful timing of upward movement within a company, result in the grooming of an ideal and superior business executive. Today, we’re going to discuss the dos and don’ts of becoming a top executive in your target firm. We’ll explore solutions to ensure your career is on a guaranteed “fast track,” and how you can reinvent yourself as the next promotable professional in any industry!

Things top executives avoid when managing their career:

working with an employer who does not have a well defined mission.

accepting a position that does not increase career growth, with room for advancement.

stays away from companies who are experiencing profit losses in a strong economy.

avoids a company with a weak top management team.

researches all aspects of the company in consideration, and retreats from offers from a business with a history of questionable business practices.


Whether a professional is starting their first job, or is a seasoned veteran, making an informed decision about the company you wish to pursue an employment opportunity with is critical to your career outlook.

Effective career management involves several simple steps that guarantee the candidate’s long term objectives are met. Let’s take a look at the steps:

obtain the degree/education required for your target position.

continuing education beyond the minimum requirements, is the hallmark of a top performer. Maintain your own continuing education standards, to ensure you stay ahead of emerging technologies in your field, and ahead of your peers.

have a professionally written resume, and keep it up to date at all times.

a “fast track” career professional should never spend more than 2 – 3 years in any one position. He or she must focus on finding consistent and upward professional growth.

individuals who wish to get on this type of ambitious executive track, should consider joining a career management service; to make the process seamless.

What if you want to “fast track” your career, but you don’t have the background, education, or experience? The good news is you can reinvent yourself and your career path at any point and time. One very important word of advice here. Take the time to really consider your short and long term goals, and evaluate your plan to reach your objectives. If you were a “job hopper” in the past, or had trouble finding your “direction,” you will gain credibility from prospective employers, if, and only if, you can articulate your reasons for past decisions, and provide a full-disclosure as to how you are evolving – moving forward.

Whether you are a high school graduate, or are looking at middle age in a dead end job, connecting with a reputable career management company, and sticking to the actions that will ultimately help you reach short and long term career goals, will catapult you to become highly successful.



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