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Things To Consider When Making Creative Birdhouses

Bercle George asked:

Putting a birdhouse to vacant areas in your house like the backyard is a n ideal step to build family togetherness, as well as to help build good area for living for our feathered friends. When you place unusual birdhouses in your yard you are encouraging birds to visit in your yard frequently.

By giving shelter from the weather and from predators you are contributing for the strengthening of bird’s population for future generations to enjoy. Unusual birdhouses also create entertainment for you and family! By watching the male and female making their nest and raise their young they are learning about the importance of birds as part of our ecosystem. Making creative birdhouses is a great avenue to teach the children about the significance nature

Individuals who desire the companionship of birds find fancy birdhouses inexpensive and fun to make. All unusual birdhouses should be durable, cool, rainproof and designed for easy access for cleaning.

The suitable material for birdhouses is metal. However, metal other than aluminum must be avoided as they can become extremely hot when the sun is high. The roof should be made with enough to shed water and should have a minimum 3-inch of overhang to shield the entrance from driving rain. As some water may penetrate into the house, a few small holes should be made in the floor to allow draining of water, and to manage proper ventilation in hot weather, holes should be made near the top of the box. It is also advisable for the house to be developed with screws for easy detaching for cleaning. To manage the young birds in climbing to the opening of your creative birdhouses, it is better to have the interior walls roughened or grooved.

Bear in mind to put your creative birdhouses in an area that is not accessible to their predators- like cat. It is much better to have iron poles placed as mounts for the birdhouse to protect the birds from cats and squirrels climbing to the birdhouse. As birds insist on territorial rights, it is better not to place creative birdhouses near to each other as conflicts may arise in empty birdhouses.

Once you are certain that pests can be eliminated and that the birdhouse is ideal for the birds, the only thing that is in need to be done is the cleaning of the interior of the house periodically. So go ahead and search for the creative birdhouse!

If you are really interested in promoting the bird population in your neighborhood, look for nesting boxes or have trees where birds may use for their living. If you want to add a decorative ideas to your yard and a smile to your face, check out the fancy birdhouses available online.


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