Improving Team performance

Five Tips for Team Building in Washington DC

Art Gib asked: If you work in Washington DC or if you are leading a corporate team building retreat and you want to find somewhere fun to go where there are lots of team building opportunities, you should follow these tips to find fun team building exercises in DC. Having a great sense of teamwork […]

Communicating as a Leader

What's your Communication Quotient? Workplace Communication — your Key to Success!

Craig Harrison asked: Forget GQ! These days it’s your CQ that matters…your Communication Quotient. Degrees and awards are fine, your bilingualism and knowledge of the latest programming languages are nice, but how good a communicator are you? In English? With co-workers and customers? Every job description emphasizes it: must have excellent communication skills. In performance […]

Feedback and Rewards

How to be a Good Client of a Recruitment Agency

Matthew Kimberley asked: If you’re polite to your waiter, you’ll get better service. If you smile at the receptionist, you might get a cup of coffee. If you’re hiring staff through a recruitment agency, the experience will be better for everybody if you put some of the following suggestions into practice: 1. Don’t work with […]

Leadership Mistakes

Different Resumes for Different Job Descriptions

Sarika Kabra asked: It would be a mistake to assume that once you have your resume sample ready, it can be used for all purposes and for any occasion no matter what kind of job it is you are seeking or applying for. While ideally your sample resume should contain all the salient features of […]