Leadership Mistakes

Why Most Leadership Training Is A Waste Of Money And What You Can Do About It.

Wally Bock asked: A group of senior executives are finishing up a three-day program at a top leadership training center. They’ve already filled out evaluations of the courses they took and the instructors. Now they’re grading the facilities and meals. Soon they’ll be heading back home to see what work has piled up while they […]

Defining Leadership

Retention Leadership: Three Key Drivers for Retaining the "best of the Best" in your Organization

Karla Brandau asked: In the executive offices of high-tech companies across the globe, a new weapon is reemerging in the executive arsenal with powerful implications for driving business success: Retention Leadership. Executives whose daily challenges in the 21st Century global environment are how to work with China and India, understand the MySpace Generation and get […]