Leadership Mistakes

Why Most Leadership Training Is A Waste Of Money And What You Can Do About It.

Wally Bock asked: A group of senior executives are finishing up a three-day program at a top leadership training center. They’ve already filled out evaluations of the courses they took and the instructors. Now they’re grading the facilities and meals. Soon they’ll be heading back home to see what work has piled up while they […]

Improving Team performance

Process Improvement – a How to Guide

Paul Deis asked: This article is also available on our website: PROACTION – Generating Best Practices. It is an excerpt of a paper originally written by George Miller, Founder of PROACTION. It has been modified and updated by Paul Deis, PROACTION CEO. INTRODUCTION Objective: • To help enable process improvement for better performance—do it better, […]

Traits of a Leader

Leadership: Learning From Past Leaders

Harald Anderson asked: I enjoy reading biographies. By learning about the lives of leaders I am better able to understand the challenges I face today. History is full of stories about great leaders. What I have found to be most appealing about leaders that I have studied is that they believed in a cause and […]

Transformational Leadership

7 Gifts to Give your CEO

Michael Mercer, Ph.d. asked: In this holiday season, people love to receive gifts. Well, what gifts would your company’s CEO love to receive from you? Here are seven “gifts” you really need to go all out to give your CEO, according to Michael Mercer, Ph.D., a consultant and book author in Barrington, IL. As the […]