Public Speaking Training Can Really Help your Business

Paul Tobey asked: Did you know that the most successful companies have professional speakers in key positions or are the head of the company? Have you ever seen Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Donald Trump do a presentation? These are just some of the speakers that have pushed their companies through the corporate roof. Are […]

Defining Leadership

Retention Leadership: Three Key Drivers for Retaining the "best of the Best" in your Organization

Karla Brandau asked: In the executive offices of high-tech companies across the globe, a new weapon is reemerging in the executive arsenal with powerful implications for driving business success: Retention Leadership. Executives whose daily challenges in the 21st Century global environment are how to work with China and India, understand the MySpace Generation and get […]

Communicating as a Leader

How Verbal Variety Kills Comprehension

Philip Yaffe asked:  by Philip Yaffe As any teacher knows, saying something once is tantamount to not saying it at all. People may recognize an idea the first time it is presented, but they almost never assimilate it and make it their own until it is repeated. Nevertheless, in expository (non-fiction) writing, repetition seems to […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

How To Increase Creativity

Steve Gillman asked: To increase creativity, you need to do two things. First, you need to encourage it. Second, you need to train your brain. Start on both of these right now, and you can experience greater creativity today. Encourage creativity and you’ll increase creativity. This is true of most things you want to see […]