Feedback and Rewards

What Makes A Great Working Environment?

Wally Bock asked: We know a lot about what a great working environment is. In a great working environment the mission is being accomplished and morale is high. It’s the “user” side of the two key leadership objectives: accomplish the mission and care for your people. Most people know exactly what I mean by a […]

Leadership Mistakes

MLM Network Marketing Training Using Games on Leadership Edition 2

Anders Gustavsson asked: There are 5 categories in network marketing that you will need to develop mastery in to be successful. They are Personal Growth, Customer Acquisition, Recruiting, Team Building, and Leadership. Developing mastery in Network Marketing takes discipline and a lot of hard work. The traditional training style of classroom learning, seminars, books and […]

Problem Solving

Training Leaders of Premarriage Counseling

George asked: What is pre-marital counseling? Pre -marital counseling aims at helping the individual to become more effective person; to have an over all insight of marriage and family life. Help to enter into a satisfactory marital life and to make effective adjustments. a. Together the counselor and client explore the strength and weakness of […]