Leadership Mistakes

The Mistake 95% of Marketers Make

Keith Walden asked: Okay, you join a network marketing business. You’ve got your company replicated website and it looks great. It has flash movies and has tons of bells and whistles. It even has a girl that walks across the screen and starts talking to you. You have auto responders, you have a dynamite back […]

Transformational Leadership

Flexible Work Arrangement : How Effective?

jaya sinha asked: Flexible work arrangements are alternate work arrangements away from the normal working schedule and are designed to provide comfort and convenience both to the employee as well as the end-user. An employee can enjoy the benefits of his home and family life while availing these work arrangements while a customer has an […]

Leadership Styles

Targets, Goals and Agendas

Charlie Wolter asked: With election day upon us, we look to a new leader for our country. This new leader will have goals and objectives that they would like to meet in the next four years in their new job. So how about you and I, do we have a four year plan? Most of […]

Communicating as a Leader

Discover how to be a Leader that Builds Effective Business Team

Rauf Yusope asked: As I learn from business, leadership qualities are one of the most important components in a successful business. When you watch these fantastic leaders, you will get inspired by their actions. Most leaders are expert in their field. They are much disciplined individuals who work hard and focus greatly into becoming an […]