Communicating as a Leader

Discover how to be a Leader that Builds Effective Business Team

Rauf Yusope asked:

As I learn from business, leadership qualities are one of the most important components in a successful business. When you watch these fantastic leaders, you will get inspired by their actions. Most leaders are expert in their field. They are much disciplined individuals who work hard and focus greatly into becoming an expert.

Their learning curve to be an expert can be a simple process. It can be as simple as spending short period of time daily to study and build their wealth of knowledge to be an expert. The important factor here for such leaders is to be consistent with their actions daily.

In business, such leaders find a niche that the market wants. They then focus on building their brand and a strong team around that market niche and became successful in that area. Building the team can be a challenging task. Leaders must be well prepared to understand that team members might walk away from the team. They must be ready with contingency plan should such unfortunate situations occur.

One method that could prevent the team members from leaving the team is to be able to communicate as clearly as possible to the team. They must ensure that the team members understand the objectives and goals of the team in making the team reaching a significant level of success. Great leaders ensure they reinforce good communication with the team.

They also understand that there a lot of challenges that they might face in building the business. For example, they might go through the terrible pains of losing their loved ones, facing serious injuries, bad business development due to economic s problem and office politics.

One way to overcome such problems is to be a charismatic, compassionate and smiling leader who keeps on going even when facing such challenges. Such leaders view the challenges as a great learning process. They thrive on the challenges, work and focus on solutions to overcome the challenges.

Great leaders know that they are responsible and accountable for the team success and failures. They realized that it can be really demanding and tough initially in building their brand. They are known to have great patience and understand clearly that delayed gratification and challenges are part of the process in building a great team. A great and significant factor of such leaders is they are fantastic learners who never stop learning and seek methods to continually develop themselves.


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