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Charlie Wolter asked:

With election day upon us, we look to a new leader for our country. This new leader will have goals and objectives that they would like to meet in the next four years in their new job. So how about you and I, do we have a four year plan? Most of us, including me at times, look at a one day plan, even a one hour plan much less a four year plan. But this is what leaders do, they can see a vision of what they want accomplished in a longer period of time. So we have to establish what do we “really” want, where do we “really” want to be in four years. A good leader will have a long term goal as well as a long term perspective not only for themselves but for their business as well.

Lets talk about leadership and this “big reason why”, what does it really mean. Well, its one of life’s toughest things to determine what it exactly is that you want out of life. Sure we would most likely want friends, maybe even a family, a spouse etc. That’s all well and good, but most everybody wants that, what is it that separates you from the next guy. What is your legacy going to be, or at least what do you want it to be. Once you have your “big reason why” as a leader then what do you do to go about accomplishing it.

So often we hear about goals, set a goal and think about it all the time and it will happen. Well I would like to submit a more systematic way to get to your “big reason why”. Set a target, something that has no time limit but is definately in the path to achieving your “big reason why”. Then set up three goals that you can do that are in align with your target and thus your “big reason why.”

Lets go through an example and I can further illustrate what I mean by this leadership theory. Using the thought process above lets say you sit at home right now and you have a home based business, talk about a leadership task at hand. Now your big reason why is that you want to create enough income to be able to open a home for abused children. First you realize to create that kind of income you must have a vehicle of residual income, so you join a network marketing program. This would actually be a goal that you can easily accomplish and lets say you have done so. The next thing to do is a set a target and 3 goals to get you there.

For argument sake lets say your first target is 150 people that you personally enroll in your network marketing program. So that would be your target, no time limits, just a long range target. Now in our leadership model we have to set three goals that we can absolutely do that will lead us toward our target. Three things that we can do for sure given our current skill set and not dependant on anyone else’s actions. I will submit these three goals to do towards our target.

1. Read everyday for 30 minutes about leadership styles, programs and techniques.

2. Makes initial calls with 30 leads everyday

3. Start and maintain a blog to help position yourself further everyday

These goals would all be in align with your target and each goal would be easily accomplished everyday without regard for others actions.

Hopefully you can gain a sense of what I am talking about with leadership and target/goal setting. We tend to get so hung up on our day to day lives that we forget to project to the future and what we really want in life. Then all of the sudden we turn around and its retirement time. No matter what age you are you can’t get stuck in the present, you must plan and game plan for the future. The more we push, educate and follow through with our leadership plans the better we will be as human beings as well as business owners.

Thanks for spending a little time with me today, and ask yourself did Barack Obama or John McCain let someone or something get in the way of their dreams? A think not.

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