Communicating as a Leader

Therapeutic Communication in the Nursing Profession

ROBYN KNAPP asked: Nursing is a caring profession. It is also a profession that is more and more evidenced based in practice. In as much as the scientific aspects of nursing is increasing due to the complex technological advancement of medicine and the machinery that is used at the patients bedside, the fact remains that […]

Feedback and Rewards

How To Make Your Customer Stick With You – Part 3

Don Resh asked: The formula for success for any business is to make your customers stick with you. It’s a proven fact that the real value of a new customer isn’t in the first sale, but in the continued relationship, with that customer either buying from you again and again or buying more from you […]


How to Use your Right Brain When you Cold Call – Unlock the Power of your Right Brain for Cold Calling Success!

Ari Galper asked: Do you struggle with the process of cold calling? For many of us, it’s a grueling experience. That’s because we try to carry on a conversation from a rigid, linear place. We’re trying to follow a strategy or a script. Thus, when it comes to having a relaxed and enjoyable cold calling […]