Transformational Leadership

Climb Out of That Bucket and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Joe Farcht asked: From birth to adulthood we learn to become good citizens and well-adjusted adults in the world of work and life. Many people make this transformation relatively successfully and lead somewhat normal, happy lives. Some people make it to adulthood grumbling and blaming the world for all the “bad things” it brings their […]

Leadership Styles

The How and Why of Participative Leadership

Akhil Shahani asked: As a business owner, one of your biggest challenges is to lead your team well. Should you focus on employee participation at the cost of business goals? Or do you “show them how it’s done” and expect the team to follow your lead? Is there a different approach for every situation? In […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

How Creativity Can Come From a Team Effort

Kaitlyn Miller asked: Most of the time, creativity emerges from a group effort especially when you start brainstorming for your marketing campaign such as your full color business cards. In fact, brainstorming with your team can bring about new and fresh ideas which can be laid out in the table for everyone to tweak and […]