Transformational Leadership

Climb Out of That Bucket and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Joe Farcht asked: From birth to adulthood we learn to become good citizens and well-adjusted adults in the world of work and life. Many people make this transformation relatively successfully and lead somewhat normal, happy lives. Some people make it to adulthood grumbling and blaming the world for all the “bad things” it brings their […]

Conflict Resolution

Addressing Organizational Conflict

Greg Giesen asked: All too often organizations cry out for what I call the quick fix. You know the scenario: two employees not getting along, probably personality differences, not real receptive to previous internal interventions, etc., so the organization decides to bring in outside help to fix the problem. Sound familiar? I call it the […]

Problem Solving

Andon – Lean Manufacturing

Paul Swift asked: Andon is one of the three elements that make up the principle of Jidoka – Jidoka Jidoka is made up of three elements, these are: – 1.Andon 2.Full work system 3.Error proofing (pokayoke) So exactly what does andon look like? What an Andon System does:- l.Andon allows timely corrective actions by alerting […]