Leadership Styles

Am I a Manager or a Leader and Why Does it Matter to Me?

Chris Henderson asked: We all have leadership roles in life. Most of us have multiple roles where we need to set a direction and mobilize people towards it – both at work and outside. I am lucky enough to have met a few born leaders. Of the thousands of people I have met in my […]

Communicating as a Leader

I Want to be a Leader

Ken Valenzuela asked: If you want to do or understand something, you start by learning what it is. Leadership is no exception. After reading several books on the subject, I think that the best starting definition of leadership you can use is: “Leadership is the ability of developing and communicating a vision to a group […]

Transformational Leadership

Climb Out of That Bucket and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Joe Farcht asked: From birth to adulthood we learn to become good citizens and well-adjusted adults in the world of work and life. Many people make this transformation relatively successfully and lead somewhat normal, happy lives. Some people make it to adulthood grumbling and blaming the world for all the “bad things” it brings their […]