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How Creativity Can Come From a Team Effort

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

Most of the time, creativity emerges from a group effort especially when you start brainstorming for your marketing campaign such as your full color business cards. In fact, brainstorming with your team can bring about new and fresh ideas which can be laid out in the table for everyone to tweak and get to question until your team comes up with the best option for your project.

Brainstorming sessions can range from a small team to as big as 40 people. But if you’re looking at starting your own bull sessions, you can always start out small. This not only helps you handle less problems, but also a smaller number can make it easy for you to get a consensus among the group. In addition, a smaller number would make it easier for your team to be at ease and comfortable with one another.

The first thing you have to do is to choose a point person who will document all the ideas put forward. It would be better even if he or she could put them on large posters and then posted along the walls of your area so it would be visible to all the group members.

When you’re ready to begin, here’s what you should do during the brainstorming session:

Rule 1: There’s no such thing as a bad idea.

This is the first rule to remember because the main purpose of these sessions is to get as many ideas as possible as early on. Everyone’s opinion should be encouraged, and no matter how wild or extreme, there should be no criticizing among the group.

Rule 2: Evaluation of the ideas that have been put forward should be done according to the merits.

Evaluating and analyzing the merits of each suggestion should be done right away. When analyzing each of the merits, it should be emphasized that this is done to come up with the best choice for your project rather than to criticize one another.

Rule 3: Build rather than break down the ideas presented.

As brainstorming sessions should be fun and fast paced, everyone should be able to build on each idea from the first until the last. You might just be surprised at the twists and turns that can arise from this session.

Follow these simple ground rules and you’re on your way to having a successful session where you can develop great ideas for your next ad campaign.

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