Communicating as a Leader

Improve Employee Performance by Letting Aspiring Leaders Take Charge

Barbara Brown, PhD asked: If you have an employee who wants to “take the lead” on every assignment, let him or her lead; even in a small way. Why? Because the more you allow employees to perform tasks they like, the more likely they are to do a good job on that particular task and […]

Improving Team performance

Improve Employee Performance by “linking” Performance to the Achievement of Organizational Goals

Barbara Brown, PhD asked: Do your employees know how their specific performance contributes to the achievement of your organization’s goals? If not, you may be missing a great opportunity to improve performance. Employees want to see the BIG Picture and where they fit into that picture. They want to know “why” their performance matters. So […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Recruiting Managers – Lets Get Honest

David Osborne asked: Employees leave a job for four main reasons: – They were not right for the position – The manager didn’t ensure the employee did the right things in the right way. – The manager didn’t supply the right environment and rewards. – A more lucrative offer is made to the employee from […]