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Recruiting Managers – Lets Get Honest

David Osborne asked:

Employees leave a job for four main reasons:

– They were not right for the position

– The manager didn’t ensure the employee did the right things in the right way.

– The manager didn’t supply the right environment and rewards.

– A more lucrative offer is made to the employee from another company

So when you hire a manager, ensure they are trained in recruitment, they have good communication, and training skills, and have managed teams that have achieve the departmental goals and whilst maintaining a high job satisfaction rate.

70% of all management problems are caused by poor communication. (1)

Approximately 25% of management has a significant difference in perception to their employees, in how effective their communication is. (2)

“Training is the responsibility of managers because they are held accountable for employee performance and productivity”……….”Any manager lacking the skills needed to adequately train employees should be relieved of his or her managerial responsibilities”. (3) So let’s get honest if you are hiring a manager who will have people to manage, or deal with, you need to ensure:

They have previously achieved the results you wish to them to achieve. If not they will struggle and stress, and not prioritise looking after their staff.

They have reviewed recruitment processes before and they have restructured them, if necessary, to ensure they obtain the most committed, competent and compatible employees every time.

They have ensured a high job satisfaction rate in the teams they have previously managed, and have ensured the team achieved the required targets.

They looked for feedback about their communication, and they actively work on improving it.

“About 99% of American management thinks that if they’re wonderful at doing one thing they’ll be wonderful at doing something else. They’re like a duck on a pond when it’s raining-they’re going up in the world. They start thinking that they are the ones that are causing themselves to rise. So they go over to some place where it isn’t raining and they just sit there on the ground. But nothing happens. Then they usually fire their number two in command or hire a consultant. They very seldom see that what really happens is that they have left their circle of competence. “

Warren Buffett (The richest man in America)..

When you recruit manager’s it is crucial that they have successfully achieved results in all other the areas above, or you will be potentially recruiting someone who will be stimulating the need for much more recruitment in the near future.

(1) (1988) Speakers round table

(2) Lake. N (1999) The third principle, Business & professional publishing Pty Limited Australia

(3) Gilley, J., Maycunich, A. (1990) ‘Beyond the learning organisation’, Cambridge Massachusetts, Persesus Books: p33

David Osborne is a recruitment and performance management expert.

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