Communicating as a Leader

Communication Skills for Managers

sheila Mulrennan asked: Performance appraisal is probably the most misused and abused management tool in history. When asked, the majority of human resource managers will swear blind that it is their most important device for reviewing members of the team. The reality is that, on the whole, managers, supervisors, and employees hate the thoughts of […]

Leadership Styles

A Winning Spirit Inspires Leaders and Employees to Achieve Greater Success

Randy Gilbert asked: Many employees dread going to work each day. They are miserable, spending their entire week just waiting for the weekend to arrive. Their work suffers; they don’t work up to their potential, feeling unappreciated. It is a vicious circle causing management to be unreasonable and demanding while employees become more unhappy. Lisa […]

Feedback and Rewards

Five Ways to Gain Self – Knowledge – Key to Success

Andrew Cox asked: Accurate self knowledge is the key to successful relationships. Notice the use of accurate? Who you think you are and who others think you are is often very different. The closer our understanding of our own behaviors, attitudes and personal skills is to how others perceive us, the better our chances for […]