Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Profiting More from Creative Ways to Use Your Old Products, Even the Duds

Daniel Klatt asked: I read the other day about a European company that created a technology for stores for example in a mall to keep teens from hanging out in front of their businesses or loitering. It’s a device that makes a high-pitched frequency that teens can clearly hear yet which most adults can’t, because […]

Conflict Resolution

10 Tips for Handling Conflict

Tony Hall asked: At some time in our lives most of us encounter situations where we become involved in conflict with others. It may be a simple difference of opinion, a feeling that you have been treated disrespectfully, a challenge to your beliefs or authority, or a whole host of other potential grievances. And how […]

Feedback and Rewards

Five Ways to Gain Self – Knowledge – Key to Success

Andrew Cox asked: Accurate self knowledge is the key to successful relationships. Notice the use of accurate? Who you think you are and who others think you are is often very different. The closer our understanding of our own behaviors, attitudes and personal skills is to how others perceive us, the better our chances for […]