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A Winning Spirit Inspires Leaders and Employees to Achieve Greater Success

Randy Gilbert asked:

Many employees dread going to work each day. They are miserable, spending their entire week just waiting for the weekend to arrive. Their work suffers; they don’t work up to their potential, feeling unappreciated. It is a vicious circle causing management to be unreasonable and demanding while employees become more unhappy.

Lisa Wicker, a leader in human resource development and author of The Winning Spirit says, “How you as a leader treat your people can mean the ultimate success or failure of your organization, whether it is a multi-national company or your immediate family.”

Lisa became a supervisor at the age of 21. She learned early on what leadership means and how it can either make or break an employee’s spirit. Her years of experience have brought an understanding of the connection between the environment, climate, and mood of a company and its productivity.

She shares what she has learned with others, hoping to bring a proactive, positive environment into every workplace. Her simple tips and strategies inspire both employees and leaders to live with a winning spirit, developing their full potentials and talents.

The first and foremost quality essential for a successful leader is trust. Integrity is a close second. People must have confidence that their leader has their best interest at heart, not his or her own personal success. The leader must live up to his word, doing what he says he is going to do and managing for the good of everyone. Trust and integrity defines the leader’s effectiveness and success.

A leader must build a winning spirit, encouraging employee’s enthusiasm. A positive environment urges employees to use their energy and talents to compel the company toward productivity. The powers to influence, inspire, and move people to share their talents fall upon the leader. Being a truthful, honest and positive role model is the only way to motivate your team toward a productive relationship, working together for the good of all.

A Leaders Ten Steps to a Winning Spirit:

1. Believe in Yourself – Know that you are unique and only you can provide certain talents. Realize that you are enough; you don’t have to be more.

2. Don’t Live with the Status Quo – Become energized by new ambitions and excitement for living.

3. Challenge the Odds and Be Bold – Shake off worries and anxiety, becoming confident and free from personal limitations. You can make a difference.

4. Be Open to New Ideas – Recognize that you can learn from others. Be open to what others are offering, being flexible and adaptable.

5. Practice Specific Leader Behaviors – Leaders are not born, but have to practice the qualities of other successful leaders.

6. Visualize Your Success as a Leader – In order to have a winning spirit, you must see yourself as a leader. Have a successful result in mind.

7. Maintain Focus – You have power over your thoughts, and can change your life by changing your attitude. Focus on winning.

8. Discipline Yourself – Replace your inner conflicts into calmness and accept a rich life. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter.

9. Enjoy Today – Do not worry about tomorrow. You can plan for the future, but enjoy today. Live the day that is right in front of you to the fullest.

10. Practice Being Positive – Your positive thought will be mirrored right back to you.

These ten steps are pivotal to instilling a winning spirit in both yourself and your employees. Following these proactive leadership behaviors will bring your organization a competitive edge. The right mix of leadership qualities and styles will pull the company together not only in the good times, but in the times of crisis, as well. It all stems upon a strong organizational performance, climate, and positive engagement of the workforce.

The bottom line is that without motivating the people you work with, you won’t be able to add to the success of your company. Choose a proactive leadership style that encourages people to follow you. Empower your employees, allowing them to utilize their talents and work up to their true potentials. You will all share the riches. You will all be better for it.

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