Transformational Leadership

Dare to Dream and Discover How Coaching Can Change Your Life Forever!

Jan Springthorpe asked: Many people ask what coaching is all about and what’s in it for them. In case you are one of those people, you might be interested to know more. Coaching is about change and transformation and the human ability to grow and adapt behaviours. It is also about reinventing yourself, walking away […]

Defining Leadership

Anioma: the Need for Identity and Leadership

Emeka Esogbue asked: That the Anioma people have not woken up from slumber is emphatically a fact that will remain a burden ever to ever slow down the slow pace of the people until the people decide to rouse, seek and discover the solutions to their own problems. Major catalysts to the realization of this […]

Improving Team performance

Cricket World Cup Teams Have Many Things to Prove

Ella Wilson asked: It is the participating cricket world cup teams that make the event all the more interesting for fans. Well, if their favorite team is not participating in the tournament their levels of interest in the tournament will be low. In the world cup, which will be held in West Indies, all the […]

Feedback and Rewards

The Most Important Discipline of Employee Motivation

Bob Urichuck asked: Employee motivation can be an easy task especially when the team leader demonstrates the appropriate disciplines. The simple disciplines encourage employee motivation to happen naturally. The wonders of “monkey see, monkey do” approach. Motivation, whether it is self motivation or employee motivation, is the trigger to act. The factors involved to personally […]