Transformational Leadership

Dare to Dream and Discover How Coaching Can Change Your Life Forever!

Jan Springthorpe asked: Many people ask what coaching is all about and what’s in it for them. In case you are one of those people, you might be interested to know more. Coaching is about change and transformation and the human ability to grow and adapt behaviours. It is also about reinventing yourself, walking away […]

Leadership Styles

Insights on Effective Leadership

Daegan Smith asked: An organization no matter how small or big it is calls for a leader. The leader on the other hand cannot just be someone. He has to be an effective leader, so to speak. Anyone can become a leader but only a few can exhibit effective leadership. Now there is a big […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Management Training and Development – the Role of the Line Manager

Developing People asked: The potential advantages of line manager involvement in learning and development has long been recognised. The line manager is in a unique position to reinforce learning from management training or other forms of development, by integrating them into an employees working life and promoting a positive approach to these types of activities. […]