How Great Leaders Successfully Jumpstart Reorganized Teams

Jennifer Selby Long asked: Copyright (c) 2008 Jennifer Selby Long So many clients have been telling me they’re launching new teams this month. But there’s a catch – these are new teams made of “old parts,” which is to say no brand new employees are on the teams. The teams are comprised entirely of managers, […]

Transformational Leadership

Understanding Hr Performance Indicators

Pam Kennett asked: Copyright (c) 2007 Chiswick Consulting Limited People development has become a key concern for organisations – employees expect high quality development as part of their contract and are often what will attract an individual to one particular organisation over another. The positive impact of people development through better communication, greater motivation and […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Article Marketing with Yahoo Creative Commons License

Selvyn Patterson asked: Creative Commons Search has recently been launched by Yahoo. This search service finds content across the web that has a creative commons license. Since almost anything you find on the internet has a full copyright, the creative commons license allows you to share your article with others, under certain conditions. This license […]

Problem Solving

Step Up and Create Your High Payoff Meetings

Linda Feinholz asked: Copyright (c) 2008 Linda Feinholz There are times in business when it gets complicated sorting out why a team gets stalled. I’ve had clients who were facing so many competing issues they couldn’t figure out where to start: their strategy, their capabilities, their products or services, and so on. With those companies, […]