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Article Marketing with Yahoo Creative Commons License

Selvyn Patterson asked:

Creative Commons Search has recently been launched by Yahoo. This search service finds content across the web that has a creative commons license. Since almost anything you find on the internet has a full copyright, the creative commons license allows you to share your article with others, under certain conditions. This license can be very beneficial to the article marketer.

Creative commons license is widely accepted across the internet. Yahoo and Google have now both incorporated creative commons search into their engines. The main creative commons search engine is located at

Why should this be important to Article Writers?

Smart article writers concentrate on achieving large exposure. Your articles should be on as many web sites as possible. Putting a Creative Commons License on your articles, allow other web sites, and online publications to publish your article, thus giving you more visibility.

With the advent of Yahoo! coming in with their new Creative Commons Search, you can have hundreds of your articles placed in a select search on Yahoo!.

Follow these 3 simple steps for inclusion in Yahoo’s Creative Commons Search

1. Select the license that suits your preferences at .

2. Choose whether or not you want to allow commercial use of your work and whether or not you will allow modifications of your work. Then set your preference, click Select License.

3. You are taken to the page that will let you cut and copy a piece of text to paste into your webpage. This text indicates that your articles have a creative commons license.

Choose the license that meets your preferences. However, if you are going to be using the license for article marketing, there are some preferences that would be more beneficial for you. It is best not to allow any modification of your articles because this could dilute their value. You want to brand yourself as a trusted resource in your area of expertise. If someone is allowed to modify your content, this could lead to negative branding for you and your web site. With than in mind, do make sure that you put a lot of thought into the type of creative commons license you choose. Creative commons licenses are non-revocable.

After putting the license on your web pages, it will take a couple of weeks for Yahoo! Creative Commons Search to find your pages as long as you have some well-placed back-links.

Using this strategy can create hundreds of targeted links pointing to your site through the creative commons search engines. These are indexed pages in the Yahoo and Google specialized engines. You can do the same simply by applying the Creative Commons License to your site and letting Yahoo discover you.

Creative Commons License allows you to declare a certain amount of rights to your article, while still encouraging its duplication across the internet and ensuring that you are credited as the author.

Although, Creative Commons Licenses is so beneficial, relatively few people are taking advantage of it to gain wider visibility for their articles and their website. Therefore, now is the perfect time to move into this lucrative market. With Yahoo Creative Commons Search forging the way, there is significant growth yet to come.

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