Improving Team performance

Improving Sales Productivity Begins and Ends with the Sales Manager

Martice E Nicks Jr asked: So you want to improve your sales team’s performance. There are so many places to try and squeeze additional performance improvements out of your team. The question is…where do you start? Do you start with better tools like Sales Force Automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Maybe implementing opportunity, […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Lead Management

Jose Vanegas asked: In today’s marketing world lead management has become increasingly important. More and more companies are elevating expectations, which demand better leads more quickly. Essentially lead management is a process used to quickly come up with leads, nurture those leads, then analyze those leads, and then distribute them to sales teams. The basic […]

Problem Solving

Step Up and Create Your High Payoff Meetings

Linda Feinholz asked: Copyright (c) 2008 Linda Feinholz There are times in business when it gets complicated sorting out why a team gets stalled. I’ve had clients who were facing so many competing issues they couldn’t figure out where to start: their strategy, their capabilities, their products or services, and so on. With those companies, […]