Leadership Styles

Focus on Communication Styles to Reduce Misunderstanding

Pamela Scott asked: (c) 2008 Pamela Scott Clear communication consistently ranks as a priority for any organization to be successful. We expect clear, concise communications with our fellow workers. Instead, we should expect misunderstanding. It happens all the time. Consider the following example. Jim updated the other officers about plans to present an award to […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Business Coaching Tools for Managers and Team Leaders

Kris Koonar asked: In the recent times of cutthroat competition, almost all businesses demand their managers to double up as coaches and managers. It is generally believed that coaching delivers substantial assistance to both, the employees as well as the organization as a whole. It has been repeatedly observed that performance coaching by managers is […]

Leadership Mistakes

Every Supervisor Makes Mistakes !

Ian Williamson asked: Every supervisor will make mistakes, including yourself. Much of the credibility you earn with your employees will come from the way you recover from your mistakes. Typically, supervisors respond to a mistake in the following ways: • Pretend it never happened • Discount its effects • Make excuses • Make the case […]