Improving Team performance

Team Building Activities for Small and Medium-sized Groups

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A company cannot get success until and unless its teams are not performing at the desired level. Effective team building activities contribute a lot towards fulfilling the set goals and making cordial relationship among co-workers. Even, the large corporations need to enhance their team productivity in order to build a fortune and establish their name in the customer market.


Disintegrate the Team

Team building activities are about inducing sense of togetherness, understanding each other’s ideas, respect collective endeavors, and focusing on common goals. In order to improve team’s capacity, companies often organize corporate events of different nature. However, activities vary on employees’ idea of fun and maturity level.


To get the best results of team building endeavors, it is always better to make smaller groups. Smaller groups are much easier to be taught and interacted with as compared to a larger group. Usually a team of mere 4-5 members is likely to develop a better sense of communication, trust, compassion, and involvement with one another. Less members makes easy to handle the team and members are far more comfortable with working with each other, which could get difficult in a bigger group.


Handling a bigger group can be a difficult job but impossible. For getting success with a big group, an instructor has to know the members personally. Knowing members on personal level helps an instructor to understand the personal trait of individuals working for a team. Interestingly, many companies make a provision where employees have to chat among each other for at least 15 minutes. Talking frequently helps in breaking the communication barriers and developing a better relationship in a team.


Games work as effective medium of enhancing togetherness among members. They lead to increases in team member exposure to each other and different situation. As an instructor, you can choose a game that ensures absolute fun for all.

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