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Finding Extra Courage Will Explode Your Home-based Business

William Winch asked:

People who own their own home-based business in network marketing know that it takes a lot of extra courage to make things happen. When you no longer have to punch a time clock for someone else, you have to be responsible for your own actions by being accountable to yourself as an employer and an employee.

Working from home sounds glamorous, but finding the balance between work and leisure makes the difference between success and failure. When people can’t do this, they drop out. Since there is a 95% drop-out rate in network marketing, finding that extra courage to keep yourself in business is paramount.

The best way to find extra courage is to set some challenging goals and achieve them. These goals don’t have to be earth shattering to anyone but you. If you have trouble talking face to face with a stranger, challenge yourself to find the courage to do it just once. What you are looking for is a small step in the right direction.

It is important to not measure your skill set based on the activities and achievements of others. Focus on personal goals that only have to do with improving yourself. Do not worry that there are people out there who can talk to 100 people a day without fear. They have their own challenges in other areas that you do not.

It is very difficult to just say you want to improve, so find reasons to make you want to set these personal goals. Why do you want to have the courage to talk to strangers? What are you going to get out of it that will make you want to continue finding the courage to take baby steps out of your comfort zone? Write them all down on paper and review daily.

Finding extra courage also comes from fine-tuning your listening skills. In order to find your target audience, you have to find a connection with your prospect and focus on solving their problem. It takes a lot of courage to do this because you have to focus on helping people instead of how much money you will earn when you sell a product.

Listen carefully to the people you learn from and all the people you surround yourself with as well. There is knowledge in every word they say, and a lot of courage comes from being inspired by others doing the same things you want to do. There will always someone who has achieved the same goals as you have written down for yourself. Find them and have the courage to follow their lead.

Another way to find courage to make tough decisions by yourself. Find the strength to change yourself into the kind of person who does not need to ask for someone’s help every time there is a problem in your life. If you can handle it by yourself, then have the courage to do it. This shows others your are responsible and people will respect you for it.

When you are trying to build a team of distributors who look to you for guidance and inspiration, it is extremely important to show them how to find courage. This is what mentoring is all about. When you have the courage to solve your own problems, your people will solve their own. They will not be constantly pulling you away from your business to help them.

Value the friendships you have made and look for courage to rebuild relationships that have gone sour for whatever reason. Grudges hold people back and good things happen to those who value the time spent with others. Nothing is worth the cost of burning a bridge, especially when you are in the business of networking.

Being willing to accept challenges and opportunity requires the kind of courage that reflects leadership. If you want to be successful in network marketing, you have to develop the mindset of a leader. Help people make wise decisions about their future and show them how to do all the things that you do to find courage.

If your company is not teaching you the fundamental basics of marketing, find the courage to look for the kind of education that will. All the hard work and dedication in the world won’t put a business back on track if you are practicing outdated techniques, and quitting isn’t the answer. The 5% of successful people in network marketing found the courage to figure that out, and so can you.

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