Micro Management

Ceos Who Micro-manage Don’t Make the Corporate Cut!

Yoshiko Choy asked:

CEOs are Leaders, NOT managers. And least of all, micro-managers.

What is Micro-Managing. Micro-managing takes on the traits of being passive-aggressive. It bespeaks of a state of mind which is deep seated and internalized from within. It stems from a deep sense of insecurity, a constant mistrust of subordinates which gives rise to the intense desire to constant manage the lower ranks of the corporate echelons ensure that activities are done the way he, the CEO wants. It is a compulsion which overwhelms the person to the extent that it is difficult to extricate himself from and the desire to micro-manage becomes him.

What Makes a CEO, Really. The leadership qualities, being comfortable calling the shots, persuading others to see things their way, being accountable for the end results from his decisions, ability to manage crisis. Most importantly, trusting his subordinates and empowering them with certain level of decision making is critical. In so doing, it not only relieves him of loads of responsibilities but helps to groom the subordinates for greater tasks. Essentially, the CEO is a true leader, influencer, innovator, empoweror and more. And yes, they should be respectfully feared, yet revered and trusted beyond doubt.

Why is CEO Micro Managing Detrimental to Corporate Business. Hence, the characteristics of a micro manager conflicts directly with that of a CEO. In addition, by micro managing, the CEO is communicating a sense of distrust with his subordinates, giving rise to morale and job security issues. Micro managing drastically narrows the depth and breadth of a CEO’s strategic thought perspective, which in turn is detrimental to the growth of the company. Corporate Stakeholders expect CEOs to be progressive, forward looking and thought-leading, not regressive and inward looking in perspective. Not to mention that CEO micro managing causes discord amongst staff as reporting lines become blurred and lack proper assignment of accountability structure. Ignoring the repercussions, the end result is either the CEO or his staff will eventually phase themselves out of the scene.

Salvation is in Sight. But CEOs can micro-manage and still succeed. Micro-managing is a form of management style well suited to start-ups where every function of the newly set-up entity requires attention, thus fitting the micro-management style. Hence, for the corporate CEO who cannot resist but to micro-manage, they could join a start-up or start one and still reign within their comfort zones.


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