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Network Marketing Mistake – How To Avoid The Worst Posture In MLM

John GilbertGrant asked:

Why do boys buy flash cars? To get girls of course. There is a network marketing lesson here. Now you and I know that they are trying to get the girls to like them. Not the car. They don’t want the girls sleeping in the garage with the car. They want the girls inside with them.

What do the girls want? They want a man who is going to love them. They want a relationship that prospers. If he is insecure and focuses on the car as in Shania Twain’s song, ‘I can’t believe you kiss your car good night, Come on baby tell me, you must be jokin’, right? Okay, so you’ve got a car, that don’t impress me much’, – the girl is not going to hang around just to be with the car. Right? That is, unless she is immature and figures that ‘any love is better than no love at all’.

The way it could be. The girls are attracted to you – you have a magnetic personality – whether you have a car or not. You have no need to hide behind a car. You have your pick of a great many relationships.

Apply this to MLM. Why do people flash their company about? You do this to get leads. Someone to talk to about your whizz-bang network marketing opportunity. You flash your ‘junior achiever’ pin and tell them how the company is debt free and the president is a great guy.

That don’t impress them much and it turns the attention away from you. You really want these people to join you. You want them to treat you like a leader.

What are prospects looking for? These people are looking for someone who will be their friend and show them how to do the business without compromising their integrity. They want a relationship that prospers.

If you are insecure and focus on the company, they will lose interest and fade away. It is called attrition. Some will hang around hoping. ‘It is better to have a bad business than to have no business at all.’ They will take up your time and resent your lack of leadership.

The way it should be. People are attracted to you – you understand magnetic sponsoring – whether you have a home business or not. Well. Yes you do have a top home business opportunity but you don’t talk about it all the time. People seek your advice and experience and you share it freely.

They may be in another company right now but as most network marketing companies fail, or fail to deliver, they will be looking again soon enough.

And you will still be there.

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