Conflict Resolution

Improving International Relations With the Konov Principle

Sacha Tarkovsky asked:

International relations; that is, the relations between both nations and their people, cannot be improved enough. The human race is separated by language, race, mentality, and very strict borders. Are there really methods to improve these relations and bring people, cultures and nations together? According to Serge Konov, the modern Russian philosopher and film producer, there are. Using his principle of Genetic Memory Recall, he refers to a time when all people were similar with the only differences among them, being in variation, not in conflicts.

In his latest film, entitled Finding t.A.T.u. (staring Misha Barton) he applies his principle in the area of film production. He has taken a rather mundane story, and created a space for conflict resolution and has done so in a practical way. While viewing the story of a lonely American teenage girl in Moscow finding part of her mature self in a coming-of-age drama, he also weaves both the story line and creative process with the cooperation and improvement of international relations he espouses.

At one level the story finds the American teenager bonding with a Russian one, first on the internet, and later personally. The principles of both electronic communication and personal communication meet face to face. The Konov Principle has as one of its tenets, such communication, and its evolution, to finally communicating with one’s own genetic codes! The two girls find their bond is a role model and a archetype, (in this case, the singing duo t.A.T.u.)

In another aspect of the film, Konov uses his principle to demonstrate one’s never ending activity of having to choose between exercising their volition, or accepting a pre-destined fate. Later he expands this by presenting the same girls (representing on a deeper level the youth of today’s Russia and America) making another choice. This time it is between loyalty and logic. These choices are presented by a character powerfully played by Igor Desyatnikov, himself a prominent Russian thinker, actor, singer and businessman. The choices are between the elements of good and evil.

One will have to wait and see how the famous and very artistic director Roland Joffe (Mission, The Killing Fields, Captivity) interprets these issues, but one can be sure, it will be done well. The team making the film is again, a representation of improved international relations. The production company (RAMCO) is an American-Russian joint venture. Mr. Konov is never tired to explain, “one must be consistent in their thoughts and actions. RAMCO is a working practical example of the improved international relations being discussed, even now at the highest world levels”.

Other films are planned, and the unifying element in each will certainly be a the Konov Principle in action. In the first film Captivity, man’s basic inhumanity to man is examined in its extreme case. In Finding t.A.T.u. we are taken to back to the problems of maturing, and re-faced in the adult world of decision making. The subsequent films will no doubt be some logical continuation to that thought process

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