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Ataturk the Leader of Turks

H.silistre asked:

An old Turkish proverb says “Knowledge is to know yourself!” The first time I asked myself the question “Who am I?” was during my freshman year. The idea of discovering my own identity was the encouraging element for me to come to Switzerland in the summer of that year.  I knew I was taking a risk by leaving my home however I knew that it was necessary to complete the missing parts of the puzzle and see the real picture of myself as a whole.


During the early days of my stay in Switzerland, I felt enforced to make a decision between students who come from different backgrounds such as Europe, Asia or Americas. But then I realized that I actually enjoyed the different things in each group of people; the mystery of the East and the modernity of the West. Trying to make a choice between them would be similar to making a decision between winter and summer seasons. I then decided that I was to stay right in the middle and benefit from their beauties separately. This idea later on developed in my mind and became my primary goal; “to set the Turkish nation in a position of a bridge where two worlds could meet.” Another old Turkish proverb says “Take one step towards me then I will take one thousand steps towards you.”  That encouraged me to show a greater understanding and tolerance towards people around me. As I made more friends, I started to benefit from the real meaning of living in an international school situated in the heart of Europe. I realized that everyday was just another blank piece of paper for me to fill with new experience and information. I thought that creating this “book” would be essential for me to complete the puzzle where I would finally “see” myself.


Since my childhood, I have been interested in business, economics and government affairs. Taking risks, competing with others, predicting what will happen in the future and dealing with money intrigue me very much.  I have always enjoyed trying to earn my own money: In elementary school I used to sell pictures of famous people to my classmates. When I was in junior high school, my father often took me to his company over summer to show me how hard people were working in order to earn their living.


In every aspect of my life (sports, art, school), there are some people to whom I look up as example. However none of them has all the characteristics that I would like to have except Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938).  Ataturk was the founder of modern Turkish Republic. He believed in his goal, which was to establish a new modern country. At the beginning of his struggle, nobody supported or even took him seriously because they thought what he was trying to accomplish was impossible. But he did not give up and followed the principles he believed in order to achieve his goal. He was not provided with any of the opportunities that many people have today. Nevertheless, he decided to create them by himself. This is the biggest legacy that he left.


My primary goal is to get a higher level education in Vesalius College. It will reaffirm that people have confidence in me and this will help me develop my leadership skills and international perspective. I will have an opportunity to share my cultural background and what I have learned in an international environment. First of all, Vesalius College is much smaller compared to other colleges. This is very important for me because I believe that there are more direct and better established relationships between faculty and students in smaller communities. This will help me be more useful, productive and contributive to the community where I will live. I have complete faith that I can focus my attention and concentrate my abilities with a more individual guidance.  The beauty and location of Brussels attract me very much. I have always carried the fear of falling into a situation where I would not be able to practice one of my languages as much. But the linguistic characteristics of Brussels suppress my whole fear: I will have the opportunity of using both of my English and French skills in Brussels.  Today, I am witnessing the national effort in my country, Turkey to join the European Union and strengthen its position in NATO. Although I have read and heard so much about these important organizations, I am willing to observe them functioning at ‘their seat’, Brussels. I personally believe that the biggest problem in my country, Turkey, is the economy. As I have learned more about economics, I have realized that economy is much more complicated than people realize. Therefore, I believe that studying economics is essential in order to better the conditions of my country.  Even though politics has a bad reputation all over the world, I disagree with this idea. I think it is not the politics to blame but certain politicians who abuse the people of their country. If I can get the education that I desire and continue to improve myself, I believe I could become a good politician serving Turkey in the best way.

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