Leadership Mistakes

Leading or Managing?

Liz Cassidy asked:

Business leaders today at all levels in organisations are facing more stresses and tasks than at any time in the past.  Even though we also have more tools at our disposal to manage these tasks, we are also bombarded with more information and data to process than ever before.  In this environment it is all too easy for leaders to make mistakes and in most instances staff are patient and forgiving of these honest slips.

However, there is one area where staff are not willing to compromise.  This is the area of management versus leadership.  It is too easy to forget that there are times to lead and times to manage, and it is too easy to slip into management mode when under stress.

If you or your team are experiencing "people issues" look for this rule of thumb:

Manage the processes and the procedures, but, Lead, guide & teach the people.

If there are problems, check if your leadership team is confusing managing with leading.

It really is that simple – not that easy – but certainly that simple.

A truly effective leader has a genuine concern for the success of those he leads, treating all staff members as individuals, giving credit, and ensuring that he is making his people look good.

A great leader keeps the objective out in front as a vision, as simple as possible. He is always promoting understanding, always acting as a role model, living the organisations values, walking his talk. He gets out of the way of his people so that they can get on with their work, and achieve their goals

An effective leader will make the difference between success and failure in an organisation.   Great processes and systems will support leadership, but are never a substitute.


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