Communicating as a Leader

10 Ways to Rejuvenate your Communication Game Plan

Jack Pyle asked:

1. Use the elements of problem solving

– Research

– Planning

– Implementation

– Measurement/evaluation

Many people only do planning and implementation. Research before you get started improves action plans. Sometimes good research demonstrates there is no need for action. Measurement at the end tells you if the program worked. Often people keep doing programs that are ineffective, but they don’t realize it because they don’t measure results.

2. Know what is expected of you

– Department only?

– Communication plan for entire organization?

– All aspects of communication or just employee communication?

3. Use planning assumptions to help you get started

– Environmental scan:

*Social, Political, Technological, Financial factors that affect the organization or the problem

– SWOT analysis:

*Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

4. Get focused

Make sure you have the same priorities as the organization leaders

– CEO areas of emphasis

– Goals of divisions, departments

5. Research, Research, Research

Gather input from:

– Key dates for the coming year for your organization

– Market information

– Competitive information

– Do not recreate the wheel – find out what others have done

6. Identify audiences very specifically

Then tailor action plan and messages to fit each audience

7. Create a planning template

Use a template that’s right for you and your organization. It should list:

strategies, tactics, who’s responsible, time line, measurement, budget, and other items important for you to track.

8. Develop simple key messages

Your organization’s key messages must be:

– Few words

– Easily understood

– Easy to say

You will often find that a key message and one of your goals are the same. At Arizona State, a goal is: “Arizona State is indispensable to the community.” That also is one of the school’s key messages.

My overall mission is “Building trust by improving face-to-face communication.” That is my major business goal, the over-riding value, the major key message and it describes my business.

9. To build trust, include some face-to-face communication

– Putting things in print often does not get the expected results because it is one-way

– Emphasize two-way communication, not sending messages

– Use relationship building

– Create dialogue

10. Measure outcome, not output

Evaluate what you did:

– Did it change people’s minds or behaviors?

– Can you use it again?

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