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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Performance

Jamie Edwards asked:

Improve Your Online Performance

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles online that all claim to contain the methods and the secrets behind search engine marketing The question that needs to be asked is how trustworthy are these articles? But most importantly, will following these methods actually help you to improve the online performance for your website?

The answer to the above questions depends on which article you read. Some are completely correct in the advice that they offer, whereas some are way off the mark.

Now, Jump 2 IT Media like to be open with our visitors, which is why we feel obliged to offer you the chance to find out for yourselves what the essential methods are to improve your search engine position.

5 of the ways to enhance your online performance are as follows:

1. Website Optimisation – This is most essential element in improving your search engine position. Without optimisation then your site will not meet search engine standards, which ultimately leads to certain sites such as Google being unable to access certain pages within your site, being unable to read specific content, and much more.

To put it simply, if you were going to carry out one form of marketing for your website then this would be it!

2. PPC Campaign Management – Effective or ineffective? It depends on who you ask, but those people who say that PPC campaigns are ineffective are usually the ones who set up their own budgets, targeted their own terms, and generally didn’t make a very good job of it.

If you get an experienced team to set the campaigns up for you then you will receive a good increase in visitor numbers for a set monthly budget.

Jump 2 IT Media have saved our clients hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of pounds by taking over their Pay-per-Click campaigns and enhancing them by doing what we know best.

3. Link Building – Some people will tell you that improving your search engine position is all down to your link building campaigns. However, this isn’t true. In fact link building is just one element that needs to be focused on in order to get the results you’re looking for.

One thing you want to avoid at all costs is attempting to gain links from every website you come across. This isn’t going to help you at all. You must ensure that the inbound links you receive are relevant to your industry, as this is the way to improve your current Google PageRank, which can help from a natural search position perspective.

4. Keyword Targeting – You may look at your current search engine positions and say ‘I’m already found in first place on so I don’t need to improve my online performance’. Well, all I’d say back is it all depends on what keywords your being found for. For example, if you are found in 1st place for ‘Black Woolly Hat with Sheep and Pigs on’ then I’d say I’m not surprised you’re found in first place.

To put it simply nobody would search for a term like the previous example, therefore what good is it for you being found in 1st position? The answer is there is no point at all.

Therefore targeting popular and effective keywords is crucial in order to receive the number of visitors you desire.

5. Banner Advertising – The key to a successful website is down to its visibility. Plain and simple. And if you increase that visibility by advertising on related websites then you will see a greater number of individuals visiting your site on a frequent basis.

The key with banner advertising is knowing what sites are worth advertising on and which sites will be happy to take your money off you but won’t provide you with the visitors.

However, if you get this right then you could well find yourself receiving more visitors than you’ve ever had before.

So there you go. A brief look into a number of methods you can undertake that will lead to an improved online performance for your website.

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