Father of the Bride Speech – Don't Forget the Essentials!

James M Jackson asked:

The Father Of The Bride Speech is as important as they come. It can often be an emotional ordeal for even the strongest dad. So many years have gone by where you have been caring for her and watching her grow up into the woman she is today. You have to stay strong and trust her husband to care for her as well as love her.

A good Father Of The Bride Speech will be straight forward and include the essentials. However, a great father of the bride speech will include stories and jokes as well as the essentials. So here are the essential topics that have to be included in your speech:

Introduce Yourself – Even if you have already been introduced, it is common courtesy to do it yourself. Welcome everyone for coming to the wedding and making it so special.

Talk About Your Daughter – This will define how good your speech is. Start off by mentioning how beautiful she looks. Then go on to talk about her as a daughter, bring in some stories of her childhood. Discuss her achievements in life and above all, mention how proud you are of her. You should also include some jokes in your stories. Be careful not to blurt out any embarrassing stories that she wouldn’t want everyone to know.

Talk About The Groom – Even though you may not get along with the groom all that well, you still need to compliment him. Discuss how you first met him and your first impressions of him. Don’t forget to throw in a joke or two, it is expected. Tell him how happy he makes your daughter and that you couldn’t be happier with her choice. End this section by welcoming him to the family.

Talk About The Grooms Family – This part is optional in the Father Of The Bride Speech and can be relatively short. Thank them for their help in organizing the wedding and the support they’ve shown your daughter. End this section by telling everyone how happy you are with the two families becoming one.

Talk About Your Wife – First of all, thank your wife for the support she has given and in organizing the wedding. Tell her that you love her, this will send a very strong message and it will be well received in a wedding. You could share a story involving your daughter and wife as well.

Thank Everyone – It is important to show your appreciation for the help other people have given in making this wedding happen. So thank the friends, relatives, guests, cameraman, florists, ministers, caterers and anyone else involved.

Toast To The Newly Weds – Keep it short and simple. Wish them all the happiness, success and good health in the future.

Those are the seven essential topics that have to be talked about in a good Father Of The Bride Speech. Put in a few stories and some light-hearted humor. Doing this will not only make your speech great but it will be memorable for a long time.

It’s a good idea to prepare the speech well in advance. Get your wife to check it and keep reading over it. This will give you more confidence and will help you deliver it flawlessly. Good Luck!

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