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Effective Team Building Towards Qualitative Workplace

Qurratulain Akhtar asked:

Quality of a product or service is directly proportional to the quality of resources used. When it comes to discuss human resources, it becomes more crucial, as efficient human resources can make better use of other resources, i.e. economic and financial etc. Having qualitative human resources in your organization, however, demands a qualitative workplace as well, and developing such an environment is a bit challenging. Since challenges create more opportunities, so does it do, for both organization and individuals.

Along with diversity in demographics, education, social and socio economic statuses, the major challenge in the above context is different level of skill sets of people working in an organization. This level differs within teams even. Generally there are three levels, i.e.:




Since organization is all about working in teams, so building efficient teams is the first and most important step towards providing human resources with a qualitative work environment. Efficient teams ensure organizational success on one hand, and personnel development on other. So, the above three levels of skill sets need equal care in this regard, though different amount of attention. For instance, one can’t say that only experienced employee’s worth for an organization. All skills levels have their own importance, and work description.

A team consisting of all experts may not be an efficient one in most of the cases, instead the right choice of resources is. Similarly, if there’s an expert and an inexperienced one, it may work for the time being but, competency level cannot be measured properly in this case, as both are extreme ends. So, there’s a strong need of building teams with appropriate percentage of all three levels.

A team having all three levels of skill sets ensures the learning environment for each resource that helps systematic work flow resulting as increased quality of output. The learning environment ensures career growth and increased quality means a lot for organization.

Effective team building, in this way, is all win to win situation then. According to researches, career growth, challenging work, being a part of team, and recognition are the major motivating factors for most of the individuals, and a qualitative workplace with effective teams provide all these at a single spot.

Build a workplace full of motivation and your employees will provide you with what your organization needs.


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