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9 Proven Techniques for Picking Up Girls

Oliver Turner asked:

Want to learn how to pick up girls?

Sorry to burst you bubble buddy, that’s not what I’m going to teach you today.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight.

I hate the term “picking up girls” because it makes it sound like you have to try really hard just to get girls. On top of that, it has such a sleazy implication in society nowadays. Instead, I’ll teach you something way more powerful than just picking up girls.

What if you had the power to magnetically attract women to you in a way that makes them want you more and more as each day passed by?

What if you could create this powerful sexual attraction in any woman that you want?

What if you could make this attraction last as long as you want, and even make it permanent?

A couple of years ago, I discovered a powerful method for attracting girls.

I call it “Natural Attraction”

Let’s say you see a pretty woman as you walk into a coffee shop.

There’s one problem though, she’s busy reading something.

So now the question is: Do you have what it takes to get her to WANT to slam her book down and just TALK to you?

It’s not impossible.

If she perceives you as being more valuable than what she’s currently doing, then she will go out of her way just to talk to you.

That’s something you can achieve with the power of my Natural Attraction Method.

Here are a few tips for creating natural attraction:

1. Always provide positive emotions.

Women tend to gravitate towards men that make them FEEL good.

Your job is to provide positive emotions like fun, excitement, happiness, comfort, and etc. Once you find a way to provide these emotions, you’ll INSTANTLY be magnetic to women.

You’ll notice that women want to be around you more often. They’ll call you and even pester you to hang out with them.

2. Develop your own signature presence.

Become unique. This is done by conveying a rich and textured personality.

It doesn’t specifically mean that you have come up with something SUPER ORIGINAL.

There’s a big chance that somewhere in the world, someone’s doing exactly what you’re doing. So the key is to be unique in that given environment.

Some ways of doing this are by the way you groom and present yourself.

Communication is a tool you can use to your advantage but that’s in another chapter.

3. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh with them…

If you have the skill to make women laugh, then you’re already ahead of the game.

You will get far with humor. Laughter is a good feeling.

It’s addictive.

Almost like a drug. It’s the moment when we shut the whole world off for a second and connect with ourselves.

Laughter serves two purposes: Builds attraction within a girl and creates an unspoken bond between the both of you. You want to be able to laugh together.

Do you remember the last time you shared a laugh with someone? Now, stop, just thinking about that moment…. How did it make you feel?

4. Let your inner teacher shine.

Intelligence is another tool you can use to captivate a woman’s mind.

You don’t have to be as smart as Albert Einstein; in fact you don’t have to be smart at all to pull this off. All you need are a few interesting topics that you’re quite familiar with. If you can share your ideas with her passionately, then BAM, you’ve got the ability to hold someone’s attention and interest.

I know it’s easier said then done. Teach her a couple of things about your culture, traditions, language, a few fun games you probably learned as a kid, a trick, and a handshake.

You can go on with this, the possibilities are endless. Just remember, share your knowledge to the world, and teach everyone something. Show ’em what you got!

5. You are the leader.

Your job as a man is to LEAD the interaction. If you expect her to lead and even make the first move, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Leadership can be conveyed with your attitude and the right assertiveness.

Take her by the hand and make it easy for her. Lead the conversation. Lead the interaction. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and follow it up with an action.

If you want her number then just ask for it. Instead of saying “Do you want to come?” say “Let’s go” instead. If she says “I’m not sure about this” say “You’re going to love it, trust me”. Always lead and reassure her that she’s safe with you.

6. Classy, Cultured, & Worldly.

Classy defines someone who has high standard of personal behavior. This is usually learned through your family and the people you’re surrounded by. It’s also an advantage if you’ve done some traveling. Are your outfits coordinated well?

Does your belt match your shoes? Do you understand poetry and the different works of art? Do you know the best restaurants in your city?

Do you understand the world of fashion?

Do you know a couple of classic movies? If you’re equipped with this, then it will be very hard for women not to notice you.

7. Romantic. Women love romance.

Don’t believe me? Did you know that romance novels account for majority of the sales in bookstores? And that’s why women just love a guy that can give them the romantic fantasy.

8. Happy, Joyful, & Enthusiastic.

Women are drawn to guys that are happy, joyful, and enthusiastic. These positive emotions bring value to their lives. Wouldn’t you?

9. Decisive.

Always have an opinion, decision, and a plan. Never say “I don’t know”.

Always make it a point to be a decision maker. If you step into that role she will allow you to play the role. Women constantly test for this. They want a man who knows what he wants. For example, when she says “Where are we going?” say “We’re going to grab some ice cream, let’s go”.

Women want men that know what they want in life. So be decisive and don’t be afraid to make a decision even if you know some people won’t agree with you. When in doubt, just do it.

If you just try out at least three of these techniques, then you’ll see amazing responses from women left and right.

I guarantee it.

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