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How to Recognize Your Own Creative Potential

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The biggest barriers you face in running a home business are often in your own mind. Many people simply don’t have enough faith in their own abilities.

This is especially true when it comes to creativity. I very often hear people complain that they aren’t creative. I don’t believe it.

When you aren’t feeling creative it’s time to take a look at what you have to offer and realize what it really means for your own creative potential. Odds are that you are very creative and just haven’t thought of yourself that way.

The first thing you do have to realize is that you will be creative in your own way. When I speak of creativity, I don’t necessarily mean artistic, a great writer, etc. These areas are often what people are talking about when they announce that they are not creative. But even in these areas you can surprise yourself. It’s quite common to be your own worst critic.

We’ll start with some of the elements it takes to be creative.

1. Knowledge is important. It’s really hard to be creative when you don’t understand your topic.

2. How is your memory? Sometimes a big part of being creative is remembering the right thing at the right time. This works alongside knowledge.

3. Are you curious? Being curious is overall a big advantage in business as it encourages you to do the research that might just help you to build your business and to be aware of trends. Even being curious about off topic things can help. You never know when something utterly unrelated will prove to be inspiring.

4. You don’t believe everything you are told. Just because everyone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Creativity can be found in striking off on your own. That’s a part of starting your own business, isn’t it? Ignoring the naysayers who tell you all about how most businesses fail and trying anyhow.

But you should also recognize your own creative strengths and weaknesses. Many of us aren’t any sort of artist, whether it be with a pencil and paper or on the computer. That doesn’t point to a lack of creativity; it means you aren’t an artist. And that’s fine.

But you could be brilliant at writing. Or finding obscure niches to focus on. Or marketing. Any of these requires creativity, a different way of looking at things. You just have to convince yourself of this sometimes.

We all have those times where we just don’t feel creative. But what it is more likely to be is a lack of inspiration or a tendency to work in an area that isn’t right for our abilities. Know your limitations and take advantage of your strengths.

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