Problem Solving

Sales Management Strategies

John Nilson asked: Abstract The paper discusses three sales management strategies that are currently used. Each of the strategy is analyzed in details. The entity advantages, disadvantages and practical application are discussed for each of the strategies. Introduction Nowadays the world economy becomes more and more complicated because it becomes more and more global. As […]

Women in Leadership

Bring Winemaker Wisdom to your Leadership Team

Rosemary Rein asked: My Mission: Enjoy and Learn more about Wines while decanting lessons in leadership from the Wine makers of Mendoza. How can Wisdom from 3 distinguished Wine makers help your business? Let’s take a peak at the philosophy and practices of 3 Wise Wine Men and find out. Our thanks for your passion, […]

Leadership Styles

Understanding a Need for Leadership Training

Art Gib asked: What was long thought of a desperate approach to failed leadership, executive leadership coaching has made its way into many “successful” businesses as a mainstay. IBM for instance, has permanent staff whose role is strictly to train upper management. Successful companies are looking to maintain that winning streak. Executive leadership training is […]