Conflict Resolution

How to Resolve Conflict Using Street Negotiation

Tristan Loo asked: Conflicts pop up wherever we go. Conflicts happen at work with coworkers and bosses. Conflicts happen at home with our spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, sons/daughters, neighbors, etc. Conflicts happen when we are out on the streets doing our daily errands, such as when encountering a rude person at the grocery line, or a pushy […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

The 3 Crucial Steps to Performing Due Diligence on Any Network Marketing Opportunity

Michael Hutchins asked: O.k., you have discovered the PERFECT network marketing opportunity! A distributor for the company has proudly exhorted all the benefits of getting involved, and visions of dollar signs are dancing in your head. But WHOA, hold on, did you perform these 3 crucial steps of due diligence BEFORE jumping in head first? […]

Transformational Leadership

7 – Steps to Building a Team – not a Mailing List

John Arrington asked: Have you heard the old saying “There is money in the list”? Well that may be true. But I say that there is power in a team. Stop trying to sell something all the time to your mailing list, this is one of the biggest mistakes of most list owners. They see […]